Onesta Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.,


  • An enriching workplace for employees to excel through innovation and teamwork
  • A preferred partner, through creation of high value for customer
  • A globally benchmark provider of engineering services
Onesta Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.

Quality Policy

  • We are committed to supply engineering services which consistently meet or exceed our customers expectations
  • We shall seek to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system, through periodic reviews. Our quality policy & objectives shall be revised whenever our system may benefit from doing so.
  • In the course of our business, we shall ensure full compliance with all applicable legal and statutory requirements and codes of practice including ISO 9001
Onesta Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.,


  • To ensure that our services find full acceptance with our customer
  • To ensure that our quality system as per the latest ISO 9001 std is fully implemented & maintained
  • To continually achieve reduction in non-conformities
  • To ensure timely delivery of services required by the customer